Equipping students to thrive

Through the power of human skills, Amica equips upper secondary students with the confidence and capability to realise their potential and thrive in work placements, and life. From stand alone seminars to comprehensive annual programs, Amica’s flexible human skills learning experiences include:

  • Work Readiness Programs (3-5 days)
  • Human Skill Deep Dives (1hr – 2days) i.e. Self Awareness, Ownership or Resilience
  • Bespoke Human Skills Learning Experiences (in partnership with Educator).
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Student Outcomes

Starting with Self

Based on the fundamentals of positive psychology, all Amica programs start with an assessment of self. Distilling top strengths and lesser strengths builds underlying self awareness and highlights areas to develop.

Awareness & Ownership

With a heightened understanding of self, others and the environments in which they operate, Amica students are also upskilled in how to take ownership in order to achieve important goals.

Confidence to Contribute

With clearly defined personal strengths, students are equipped with enlivened self belief, the ability to communicate ideas with impact, and the confidence to contribute for meaningful results.

Capability to Thrive

On completion of their Amica learning journey, students have a clear grasp of the critical role human skills play alongside technical ‘hard’ skills, in achieving short and long term career success. Because good students are more than good grades!

Our approach

Tried & tested methods

Hodie has been designed based on research and decades of experience. It is underpinned by a learning approach based on 4MAT and 70:20:10 learning models.

Centred around understanding of ‘self’

Based on the fundamentals of positive psychology, assessment of top strengths and lesser strengths builds underlying self awareness and highlights areas to develop.

Created with our audience in mind

Simple and ‘fit for audience’ content to ensure maximum benefit for tertiary students, graduates and early career professionals.


Highly accessible bite-sized content based on key skills required to ‘hit the ground running’ and thrive in the modern workplace.


Benchmarking, progress surveys and assessments allows us to measure the impact of Hodie human skills development on individual users and the organisations they work for.

Flexible options

Organisations and teams are not ‘one size fits all’. We offer standard packages that can be implemented as is, or we can work with you to tailor an approach best suited to your situation and objectives.

Let's work together!

Why do human skills matter?

Human skills enable us to better understand ourselves, others and what we need to thrive in work and life.

They include self awareness, communication, resilience, teamwork, creativity, ownership, mindfulness and more.

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